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TsuruBride: Art & Embroidery by Meghan Willis

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The start of the next patchwork portrait. #wip
Eek! So happy with how this face turned out! #wip

Roarie and her Chucks No. 2

Featuring Roarie Yum, based on a photo by Tsurufoto

embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen

View No. 1 HERE

Prepping my next patchwork portrait with @kate_sweeney based on a photo by @tsurufoto
Time to paint some Chucks!!!! #wip

Put The Mask Upon The Face Just To Make The Next Day
Featuring Cam Damage, based on a photo by Aaron Tsuru for tsurufoto nudiezine. Inspired by Diego Cadina’s illustration.
embroidery and hand painted leather applique on linen

Re-blogging since it’s Easter, and rabbits, and Cam is delicious like chocolate.
Stitching shaved heads always reminds me of pointillism. #wip #embroidery
For some reason I had to stitch that nipple 3 times before I was happy with it. #embroiderednipples #wip
Mile high Tsuru Industries.