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TsuruBride: Art & Embroidery by Meghan Willis

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Melissa and Vibrator
embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen
Accoutrements series: portraits of people and their sex toys. On your own, or with a consenting adult friend (or two), toys are about enjoying your sexuality, experimentation, and spicing things up. Time to open up the goodie drawer…
View the rest of the series HERE!
*If you would like to model for this project please contact me at tsurubride@gmail.com
Stitching in the stoop. Working on some Leia buns for the Star Wars themed piece! #wip 🌠
#instasteal from @tsurufoto: stitching on the stoop.

flora and tanlines with ghostfacesylvia.
art direction by tsurubride, photo by aaron tsuru

Styled a shoot for new work, excited to find the pic to stitch!
Ready to stitch @this_is_awkward

Ellie in the Tub

embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen

Based on a photo by kate-sweeney

(Ellie 1 is HERE)

Starting a new accoutrement! Have another piece ready to ink and scan, and about 25 pieces in my head waiting to get onto fabric!
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Avocado of my Eye 
Featuring Kate Sweeney
embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen