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TsuruBride: Art & Embroidery by Meghan Willis

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Self Portrait (Aaron) with Flower

embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen

(Source: tsurubride.com)

Still lots of awesome pieces for sale at my show at Supercollider! Work is up until the end of the month!!!
Hot toddy, stitching, and Aaron Loves Meghan Vol. 5 on the stereo. ❤️
Went with the heavy chainstitch, along with my regular backstitch, both done in 3-ply thread.
Playing with different stitch types for a new piece, including couching, chainstitches, and fill stitches. Man, my fill stitches always look wonky.
With Lover’s Hands in its new home! Thanks @_jessitaa!!
based on his self portrait
embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen


The art of Tsurubride

Neat! Here’s a nice little collection of my work!

Stitching body hair. Gonna be here a while….