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TsuruBride: Art & Embroidery by Meghan Willis

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For some reason I had to stitch that nipple 3 times before I was happy with it. #embroiderednipples #wip
Mile high Tsuru Industries.
Lily and Cat O’ Nines Tails
embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen
Accoutrements series: portraits of people and their sex toys. On your own, or with a consenting adult friend (or two), toys are about enjoying your sexuality, experimentation, and spicing things up. Time to open up the goodie drawer…
View the rest of the series HERE!
*If you would like to model for this project please contact me at tsurubride@gmail.com
Siren (commission piece)
embroidery & hand painted leather applique on linen
One ready to machine stitch and paint, and one ready to hand stitch. #wip
#wip in the Accoutrement series.

Monday Morning Inspiration: Interview with Meghan Willis |

New interview with me up on the Textile Arts Center’s blog!

Anonymous asked: Great work. To make it even better you should start shooting your own reference material. Time to go pro girl!

Thanks so much! I shoot/direct about 65% of my own reference material. The rest of the time I get so inspired by either my husband’s work, or our friend Kate Sweeney’s work, that I ask to use their work as a reference for my own. While my goal is to continue to shoot more and more of my own ideas, I hope to always collaborate with other artists and models to inspire and promote each other. <3

With Lover&#8217;s Hands
embroidery &amp; hand painted leather applique on linen
I&#8217;m starting work on a new series that I&#8217;m calling La Petite Mort, mixing in skeleton bones into pieces with lovers.
This piece is based on this photo by the always talented Kate Sweeney and her love Moxy.